About Millennials
Born digital, Millennials are the “always on” generation. And they are leading conversations brands want to be part of. They may be the most elusive target, but they are also the largest. In just over 10 years, Millennials will make up 50% of the world’s workforce—meaning they will be the highest-spending generation in history. The best time to earn advocacy from Millennials is now. And we can help.

Redwood is more than just our namesake. It's the embodiment of our advocacy model.
Great Heights,
Rapid Growth
Like Millennials, Redwood is fast growing, climbing to heights above all others. Our forward-thinking strategy allows your brand to reach new heights and grow quickly.
Supportive Ecosystem
Advocacy is a nurtured, authentic relationship. We leverage brand narratives tied to activities that Millennials are already engaged in to create programs that are mutually beneficial, relevant and social by design.
We evaluate the current environment, identify opportunities and find ownable white space that will drive your business in the right direction with Millennials.
Advocacy needs to match the behaviours of Millennials. It needs to be “always on.” Advocacy is a strategy and the strongest branch of advocacy is discussion. And it needs to be seeded from within your organization.
You can buy “earned” media or you can earn it through advocacy by finding your unique Millennial advocacy proposition. It's the “because” that Millennials use to propagate your brand. Discovering the “because” is the key to earned advocacy, and it's likely not what you think it is.
Widespread Roots
Advocacy emerges when it's earned. And peer-to-peer recommendations are the most powerful referral engine. We have proprietary networks reaching Millennials, including over 1.2 million full-time students on and offline, from coast to coast.